UI and UX Design

Gain an advanced & new level of UX/UI

Our top-notch capabilities and human-centered brand-centric approach provides a thoughtful user experience It shifts the easy-to-use feeling of the user to delight-to-use one.

The aim of an User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) development and design are to provide a thoughtful end user experience. We always take a user-centric design approach for each of the product that we develop, whether it is a web or mobile app.

ellowww is one of the best UX/UI consulting service provider in India which uses the structured process right from wireframes, blueprints, prototypes to mockups. In addition we infuse life to the multiple designs that we create. Our aim strategy is to focus on the core needs of end users. Frankly, this the central part of the whole process involved in providing an ideal and required user-experience.

Our core strength lies in the fact that our design is simple but it still provides ultra-modern and exhilarating design as well as experience to most of the customers of our clients. We always strive to achieve perfection in the user flow and finesse in each of the design elements using the experience of our skilled developers and designers.

UI/UX Design Services

With the services of expert UI/UX designers, we use the emotionally balanced human-centric approach for providing best design solutions. Here the major focus lies not only in improving the usability but even try to get it delicate as well as elegant.

The following are some of the UI/UX solutions we provide –

User-Interface Design

Designing the user-interface and structuring the layout, along with focusing on maximizing the site’s usability. This simplifies the user experience.

Information Architecture

Providing structural designs, label and organize websites for supporting usability. Also, this helps in easy navigation which involves in modeling of information for creating complex systems.

User-Experience Design

Enhancing user satisfaction and providing accessibility, usability and pleasure in the interacting with the product. In addition, we even address all the aspects related to the service or product.

Wire framing & Prototyping

Providing structural guidelines and basic layout of your web products. We mold the basic framework for providing more interaction and visual detail.

Gamification in UX

User-centric approach, high responsive services and products as per user needs. This includes the fun element which makes it a lot interactive.

UI Testing And Validation

Testing the graphical user interface of the product. This ensures that it is able to meet the specification of the user through various test cases, especially the overall functionality checked by the designer.

Logo Branding & Design

Assisting clients in getting good public recognition by using figurative text or designs, that helps in building brands.


Bringing a lot of awesomness to your website and creating an authentic brand image


Generating more conversions through an attractive & responsive website

Mobile Applications

A mobile app or mobile application is a computer program or software application



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